Business Policies

Business Policies

Token Use

* You can buy as many tokens as you want. They do not expire and you can claim a refund for unused tokens anytime by emailing booking@tokentransportation.co.uk.

* Each Token can only be used for 1 single journey. Use the booking form to book your journey.

* Token codes only can be used to book after a 72-hour advance notice period. If you need to travel within a 72-hour period, you can book your journey without tokens at standard rates Contact Us now.

* Saloon tokens can only be used for Saloons, MPV tokens can be used for Saloon and MPV, and Van Token can be used for all Saloon, MPV, and Van.

Making a Booking

* You will have to buy tokens first before you can book a journey.

* After you purchase your tokens, we will email you the token codes.

* You can apply each token code to book a journey.

* After you book a journey, we will email you the booking confirmation and any other related details.

* We have 24/7 instant customer service available to assist with any of your booking-related queries.

Booking Modification

* You can modify your bookings such as an address, date and time, vehicle type, etc by contacting our instant customer service.

* Please note upgrading your vehicle will cost you the difference between the current vehicle and the upgraded vehicle.

* If you want to add VIA journeys, please contact the customer service team for the price.

* You can only modify a booking 3 hours before the booking time free of charge.

* If the booking time is within 3 hours, the modification will cost an admin fee of £20 + any additional cost such as vehicle upgrade and via.

* Additional costs can be paid in cash, card, bank transfer, or payment URL link.

Airport Pick-Up

* We cover the first 30 minutes of the car park charges on any London airport pick-up job

* The driver will then park the car, go inside the arrivals, and greet you with a name board

* If you do not specify when you meet you after the flight landing in the booking form: your free parking will start 45 minutes after landing

* If you specify for example 15 minutes to meet you after the flight landing in the booking form: your free parking will start 15 minutes after landing

* After the initial free 30 minutes of the car park charge, we will charge you a minimum of £10 for every 30 minutes

* If you do not want to pay any additional charges, consider choosing the long 'After landing meet time' in the booking form.

Non-Airport Pick-Up

* 15 minutes of free waiting time.

* Further waiting charge is Minimum of £5 for every 15 minutes after.

Guaranteed Service

* We have over 20 years of transportation industry knowledge in the UK, therefore we can guarantee your service unless force majeure

* Force majeure events - Road closure, Accident, Extreme Weather, vehicle breakdown.. These are the events that are the main reason for failing to send a vehicle.

* We have a success rate of 99% in fulfilling a booking as we always track our drivers, communicate with our service providers, and take action whenever necessary.

* Our actions include - Tracking drivers, communicating with service partners, replacing late drivers, updating customers of any issues, etc


* We will refund you for any failed services.

* Refund could take up to 5 business days to show up on your bank statement


* You can cancel completely free of charge up to 3 hours before the booking time.

* If canceled within the 3 hours of booking time, 50% will be refunded

* If canceled during or past booking time, only 20% will be refunded